Showers: a change in culture.

As the UK becomes more of a showering nation, shower design becomes ever more challenging. Busy people would normally prefer a shower in the morning as it is quicker than a bath and more cost effective also. Showers are a habit and taken in the evening are just as relaxing as a bath can be, even young children will not mind playing together in a walk in shower as well as they would play in a bath.

Shower design.

H2O London specialises in bespoke shower design, supply and installation. In many shower rooms the situation just requires a bespoke shower, like in the images shown here. Bespoke shower design just gives the flexibility unavailable when dealing with standard production cubicles. As doors and panels are designed and made to measure, there is always a solution to all problematic and tricky areas. Shower design in London finds a lot of scope as spaces in many cases are irregular or limited in size, normally these situations require bespoke trays that can be fitted under the floor tiles and therefore resulting in sleeker, cleaner and easier to use installations as opposed to some bulky standard production shower trays. A bespoke shower is normally realised in toughened glass with a thickness that can vary from 6 to 10 mm depending on design and required strength. Hinges and fittings in general are amongst the best in the market as these are the parts that take all the stress during the years of usage. Another very important element of shower room design, especially in London where a lot of buildings still have timber structure, is "tanking" or waterproofing. A proper shower room design will in fact specify what type and extent of tanking is required, these parameters obviously change according to requirements often defined by the structural nature of the building itself.