Kitchens come amongst the areas dealt by H2O London just as passionately. A very specific and relevant study is carried out for every kitchen project as user needs and functionality in this context must be looked at with health and safety issues in mind. Working safely and efficiently even in a domestic kitchen requires skills and organization but these talents can only be fully exploited by a proper design study.

Designing a kitchen.

A proper design study would be concerned with the dynamics of how things happen, for example it would study transitions between elements like fridge, oven, sink, stove etc. It would also look at what kind of cooking a user does and what is necessary for such specific activity as different cooking styles and cultures will need different arrangements or appliances i.e. Indian, Chinese, Italian etc. Another fundamental aspect of kitchen design would be the study of ergonomics. This is concerned with the interrelationships between human body and the environment as a whole such as allocation of circulation spaces, dimension of furniture and positioning of appliances compared to user body size. Very important also is a knowledge of materials and existing standard kitchen products and furniture. Especially for bespoke kitchens one has to be able to use materials in the appropriate manner as compatibility will prolong the life span of the kitchen as a whole. These are some of the most common parameters to take care of when it comes to creating a kitchen but each project will have its own needs to look at and satisfy. At H2O London, kitchen design is carried out with all of the above in mind, all driven by experience and passion.