Bespoke bathrooms

Having a bespoke bathroom or any other interior, is like having a garment patterned, cut and sewn by a tailor specifically to your style and size of your own body.

For demanding situations H2O offers specialist bespoke development services to suit every space and style. Valued user input and specific research are combined to inform the bespoke interior design process guiding towards a successful outcome. The manufacture of bespoke bathrooms, designed furniture or fittings is taken care of by specialist British or Italian chosen workshops.

Bathroom product development.

H2O's industrial designers offer a unique service of new product design and development for your interiors. With such bespoke service you can have all sorts of fittings and products designed and made as one-offs or small batches like taps, basins, furniture or even pieces of art like classic roman mosaic made with stone tesserae. New product design and development services are available for kitchens or any other products.