Services overview.

The following is a description of the type of services offered by H2O London, please read on as this will answer most initial questions and tell you whether you have found what you need.

▴ Technical Consultancy: this includes a visit to your property to answer all your questions about what can and cannot be done in your kitchen or bathroom in terms of design and installation. This is a service normally required by those clients who want to have a preliminary idea of the possibilities by means of a study conducted on site before they embark in a project especially when structural work can be involved. A technical survey will assess client's ideas against a technical and financial backdrop as a pre-estimation can be achieved at this stage. Heating and plumbing systems in the house are checked. You may here be happy with your newly acquired knowledge and carry on with your bathroom or kitchen design and installation project by yourself. If at this stage you decide to hire design consultancy services, the technical consultancy costs will count as a deposit towards design fees. Cost for a technical bathroom or kitchen consultancy in London areas reachable by public transport is £ 200.00+VAT. Cost outside London is £ 200.00+VAT plus travelling expenses relative to area.

▴ Bathroom and Kitchen Design Service: such service is often required and purchased by those clients who need a deeper exploration of their bathroom or kitchen in terms of design possibilities. A correct design process will maximise the potential of your bathroom or kitchen by means of technical and ergonomic analysis. After a technical survey a set of preliminary plans is produced. One of these plans is sub sequentially picked by the client, to be developed into the final design so all other drawings (like elevations and/or detail for any bespoke parts) are carried out forming a set of instructions for a team of fitters to accomplish the installation. The bathroom or kitchen design consultancy service process, helps lay out the works and also aims at predicting any possible problems during installation; thus forming a holistic and accurate picture of costs by means of technical analysis and choice of fittings. Bathroom or kitchen design consultancy prices can vary between £ 900.00+VAT and £ 1800.00+VAT per room. Any items like bespoke kitchen and bathroom furniture or new product development (like one off basins, taps, baths or any other product a client may wish to have designed) will be costed on application. At this point clients can decide to carry out their project by themselves or ask for a supply quotation.

▴ Supply service: during the design process, kitchen and bathroom fittings and furniture are identified and suggested. Normally all the items identified, bespoke or of standard manufacture, can be supplied to clients for their projects. Preferred supply items are those with a traceable manufacturing source mostly from Europe. Again, at this stage some clients have trusted builders and can decide to have them install their kitchen or bathroom.

▴ Bathroom and Kitchen Installation service: most clients hire full services to achieve "turn key" projects and therefore installation services are provided by vetted, self employed teams working in conjunction with H2O London. At some point, during or after the design service is completed, a selected fitter will carry out a survey to quote costs and time the project. Nornally a selected team consists of people who have worked with H2O London before and therefore fully conversant with drawings and instructions saving time and problems.

▴ Project management service: These fees are variable from none to a daily rate or a percentage on the total budget according to size, complexity and location of the project (London, UK, abroad) and will be discussed on the occasion. Project management services within London are complimentary.
Alternatively please ring +(44) (020) 77203618 Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5 pm.